African Americans from all areas have been devastated by this pandemic.
Our prayers, faith and hope have always moved us as a people and historically has shown future generations
how we can and will overcome and continue to strive as part of this human race.     


As COVID-19 has impacted this community and the world as a whole, the AALP remains in place and will continue to serve community with sharing history and documenting legacies. Our 2020 events such as
Dorr St. Live, Sports Hall of Fame and Legend's Luncheon are presently being redesigned to meet the safety standards of the World Health Organization.   

Please continue to check back as we update our events.
Tours are still available (limited to 10) masks must be worn and by appointment only. 
We will also be sharing through email and letters information and newsletters. If you are not yet on our mailing list or would like to subscribe please contact us with your information.  


There is still more history to share and history in the making. If you have artifacts, items, or stories to contribute, we gladly welcome the input from and for this community. To begin this process please call or email to discuss further consideration.  


It's a great atmosphere right in the heart of the community!

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